Contact Professor Manheim with questions. Students with University Assistantships may not apply:


I need a student to assist me with data search and compilation (EXCEL) and related tasks. A major data source is the Mason Library’s web site. 


A masters student is preferred but computer-literate undegrads can be considered. Student should be acquainted with searching and retrieving historical data - especially politics

governmental history, and economics. Familiarity with basic sciences is desired. Responsible attitude is key in part because much work can be done at home on own computer

Not required but comfort with email systems and social media would be a plus. Familiarity with relational database software also not required but would be an especial plus. 

I am open to suggestions and creativity. The work is cutting-edge, involving historical insights relevant to contemporary conflicts and problems in America. 


Pay $12.50 per hour, possibly more depending on skills and aptitude to tasks. 


Thank you!


Frank T. Manheim, Affiliate Professor

School of Government, Policy, and International Affairs 

George Mason University

Arlington VA 22201