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Subject: Instant HR/Payroll: Making Mason Magic: Summer Smooth, Tick Tock Discounts, Common Read Opportunity, and Masonvale


Making Mason Magic: Summer Smooth

Heat got you down?  Have you moved?  Experienced lots of changes?  Now is the time to smooth out those stressors and focus on your wellness and well-being. Join fellow faculty and staff on July 23rd and 24th (July 28 in Arlington and August 12 in Prince William) for some events aimed to help you manage stress, relax and rejuvenate. For a complete list of events and opportunities, please visit And be sure to wear your Mason gear both days to show your Patriot pride!


Tick Tock Discounts:  Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

There’s a new tick tock from Target Optical posted to the discount page.   Log in at and select “myDiscounts” from the left-hand menu.  Other tick tocks include Washington Nationals, Global Fit, Verizon, Macy’s and more.  Don’t forget your everyday discounts from local restaurants, salons/spas, auto and home insurance, local household goods movers, and much, much more.


Coming soon!  Remember Café Rio is 50% off at the Burke and Chantilly locations on Monday, July 14.  Just show your Mason ID.  For faculty, staff, students, and retirees!  Flyer


Common Read Opportunity for Faculty and Staff

Our colleagues in Off-Campus Student Programs and Services are collaborating on a new Common Read experience and can use some assistance in recruiting faculty and staff facilitators.  As you may recall, in 2013, Off-Campus Student Programs and Services launched a pilot Common Read experience for off-campus freshman students. Faculty and staff who participated last year were a huge reason for the successful implementation of the pilot program.


Through significant assessment, it was found that the program enhanced student connections with peers and faculty, and engagement with the book theme throughout campus. As a result of this successful pilot, Off-Campus Student Success and Retention is partnering with various units across the university to launch a class-wide Common Read program for 2014. All freshman students will be asked to read a common text "How Full Is Your Bucket" and as a part of the partnership between Mason and Gallup, to administer the StrengthsFinder assessment to all students.


The program is in the early stages of recruiting for faculty and staff facilitators for the off-campus student sessions.  Similar to last year, facilitators will



attend a one-hour training and receive a free copy of How Full is Your Bucket. Additionally, they will also have access to the StrengthsFinder assessment and will be able to take it for free if they choose. For this year’s program, faculty and staff members will be able to choose which book discussion day/time they would like to attend. In all they will be only expected to do one training and lead one discussion group where lunch or dinner will be provided.  Discussion groups will be held on:


Monday August 25th- 11:30am-1:30PM

Tuesday August 26th 11:30am-1:30PM

Wednesday August 27th- 6:00PM-8PM

Thursday August 28th 11:30am-1:30PM


If you or your faculty and staff are interested in volunteering, please contact  Mhehvish Khan, GA Off-Campus Student Success and Retention at [log in to unmask].


Looking for housing close to campus?  Masonvale can help!

Masonvale is uniquely situated on the grounds of George Mason University’s Fairfax campus. The community was designed to provide transitional housing for faculty, staff, full time graduate students and other affiliates of George Mason University.


Pricing structure:  (Pricing and availability is subject to change at any time).

1 Bedrooms from $1,452/month

2 Bedrooms from $1,752/month

3 Bedrooms from $2,142/month


Masonvale has availability year-round.  12 month leases are available.  Please note, residency may not exceed a maximum of 3 years and renewals are subject to availability. 


You can reach Masonvale at 703.865.4870.


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