I am facing this situation: I am stepping my agents like:

for (int i = 0; i < N1; i++) {
     final CapitalGoodFirm mtf = (CapitalGoodFirm) capitalGoodFirms.get(i);
                   new Steppable() {
                                    public void step(SimState state) {
                                        mtf.techangendC((MyModel) state);
                                }, 5, 1);

In the techangendC() procedure my agents has to confront the value of a property with the values owned by the other agents... what should I write inside my public void techangendC(MyModel state){} in order to examine all the other agents? Should I have a Bag of agents as a property of MyModel? or is there some clever/embedded method out in MASON?

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