It has been a while since I last used ECJ. I could be totally wrong.

I remember there is a post-evaluation stage for each generation in the evolution. If I am going to divide all fitness values by the biggest one. I will do it in this post-evaluation stage. 

This post-evaluation stage is probably between the evaluation stage (where the fitness are calculated) and the breeding stage (where crossover/mutation happens).

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Dear all,

I'm using ECJ for implementing a GP based-program. After evaluating
(compute fitness) all individuals, I would like to "update" these
fitness values (for example, divide all fitness values by the biggest
one). However, I couldn't find where (which class) I have to do that.
It should be where ECJ calls the method evaluate() for each
individual, then I could update before proceeding to the next steps
(select, genetic operators, ...).

I would appreciate if someone help me.


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