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Here is a list of news stories about VSE that have been posted at, or that have appeared in other venues in the last week.

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Monson Hayes to be new Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.

Starting in August, Monson Hayes will be the new Chair of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.  Dr. Hayes was formerly a Professor Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech, and is currently Distinguished Foreign Professor of Advanced Imaging Science at Chung-Ang University in Seoul.  He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Dr. Hayes’ research interests are in image and video processing, image and video compression, multimedia signal processing, face recognition for device personalization, equation recognition, gesture recognition for immersive environments, single and multiple camera systems for driver assistance, computational cameras, and image & video processing for consumer electronic devices.


Tool for Creating Data Management Plans for NSF Proposals

Aditya Johri of the AIT Department has let me know about the following tool
that can assist in creating Data Management Plans for NSF and other grant proposals.  I haven’t tried it, so this shouldn’t be interpreted as an endorsement. 


Tod Levitt & Kathy Laskey Receive Funding from ExoAnalytic Solutions & Missile Defense Agency

Tod Levitt and Kathy Laskey of the C4I Center received $225K from ExoAnalytic Solutions and the Missile Defense Agency for their project, “Uncertainty Characterization in RF/EO Track Correlation.”


Angelos Stavrou & J.P. Auffret Receive Funding from Agency for Defense Development

Angelos Stavrou of the Center for Assured Research & Engineering and J.P. Auffret of the School of Business received $268K from Agency for Defense Development for their project, “Technical consulting on the test and evaluation methodology for cyber-security technologies.”


Qilian Li & Dimitris Ioannou Receives Funding from Center for Innovative Technology

Qilian Li and Dimitris Ioannou of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department received $100K from the Center for Innovative Technology for their project, “Manufacture Large-Area Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Materials for Portable, Flexible and Transparent Electronics.”


Qi Wei & Siddhartha Sikdar Receives Funding from Jeffress Trust

Qi Wei & Siddhartha Sikdar of the Bioengineering Department received $100K from the Jeffress Trust for their project, “A Novel Computational Model to Study Human Eye Movement Disorders.”


Kamaljeet Sanghera Receives Funding from National Center for Women and Information Technology

Kamaljeet Sanghera of the Applied Information Technology Department received $3K from National Center for Women and Information Technology for her project, “APP Development with Social Entrepreneurship.”

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