Good day!

I'm hoping somebody can point me in the right direction with this.
Essentially I'm trying to:
1) evolve a suitable GP individual (well on my way with this)
2) Serializes/store the resulting tree (seem to be able to do this)
3) De-serialize/load the individual at a later stage (can do it sorta?)
4) Feed it parameters, and run it to get a result. (um?)

I have posted this question (with code sample) on StackOverflow:

It looks like I'm almost there - but I'm hitting a speed bump with the 
a) executing/evaluating/running a GP individual outside of the GP 
evolutionary stack seems problematic (lots of scaffolding required)
b) Code sample as provided currently requires the original Species 
object in order to instantiate a new Individual based on the serialized 
output. This is sorta sucky, since at the point I will need to get 
things thing running again, that object will be long gone.

So basically: will I be having to write my own parser and execution 
engine, or does ECJ provide something that I've missed so far?

Thanks in advance!


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