Opportunity for MS Bioinformatics and MS Biology students with genome analysis inclinations:

Project available for BINF/BIOL MS Project or Thesis to start immediately. Registration for Summer 2014 ends June 6th.
This project is also suitable for BIOS PhD Lab rotation but not for PhD dissertation.

I would prefer to have two students, BINF and BIOL, who will work as a team and cover various aspects of this project:

"The comparative genomics of DLEU7, a longevity gene candidate"

the project will include
1) comparative analysis of DLEU7 locus in humans, mice and long-lived animal species - naked mole rat and bowhead whale
2) a bioinformatics analysis of long non-coding DNA antisense encoded by this locus
3) functional analysis of DLEU7 protein protein interactions
4) gene expression dataset mining for DLEU7

To apply, contact Dr. Ancha Baranova by e-mail: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>
Associate Professor,
School of Systems Biology
George Mason University