The National Center on Education and the Economy is seeking graduate students to grade 9th-grade world history exams.   They will offer $10.00 an hour for the service, and will compensate graders for attending a mandatory scorer training (approximately six hours), as well as for the time spent scoring exams.  Scorers will be able to specify how many exams they would like to score (we need about 1400 independent scores), they should probably plan on a minimum of 150 exams, which would probably work out to 15-25 hours of work, depending on how quickly they are scored.  Scorers can definitely take on more exams if their schedules allow (perhaps up to 400 exams?), but all scoring will have to be completed within a 6-week window of the scorer training, which will be scheduled for some time in May.  


Anyone interested in this opportunity should contact the person below and include in the email dates in May when they would be able to attend a six-hour scorer training.


Emily Wicken

History Field Specialist

National Center on Education and the Economy

2121 K Street NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC 20037


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