I've been doing testing and am limited by the memory issue with strong typing. 
I'm moving my code over to one of our university's blade servers to get more 

I have a week before I make my presentation, so any advice on this issue, or 
tuning GP in general will be greatly appreciated.

Things which would help...
 - getting stats into a format for R -- what works best
 - picking which stats convey information better for a dumbed down audience
 - tuning the fitness function (I have 6 figures of merit)
 - controlling bloat without reducing variance too much

This is a school timetable app. There are primarily 3 parts to the timetable: 
rooms, timeslots and course offerings. Then there are constraints which include 
instructor availability, room purpose, and curriculum concurrency, among 

The terminal set is 3 ERCs, one each for the 3 parts of the timetable. Then one  
ERC join function restricted to one of each ERC type, and a generic join 
restricted to ERC join types. Generally, this is an optimisation problem where 
one needs to find the right sets of ERCs which satisfy the constraints. I have 
plans to extend the tree with a conditional function later if I have time.

-- ray