Hello all,
Here is the latest on Tya from Abraham yesterday: he said  Tya underwent surgery on Wednesday to block the arteries that were causing the hemorrhaging. The surgery was a success!  She  needs to get some rest and over the next few days to a week, they will determine the next steps which involve removing a part of the cerebellum (not as drastic/critical as it sounds) and the dead/damaged section of her brain. This will reduce the swelling.

And a little better news is that she's having some physical response and her pupils are now reactive. Abraham said the doctors said this all trial and error a day by day process.  Please continue to pray for her and her family.

I've setup an online donation fund for Tya and her family so please give as you can.

Click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser.

Thank you,
--Kevin  (ABFAS)