The iterator works fine. Thanks.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to get it into integer data form. I'm using an 
ArrayList to hold the terminals after iteration and have tried various casts to no 
avail when I want to put one of the terminals into an int.

In my ERCs I generate integers between 1 - 26.

Initializing Generation 0
[TsERC[i21|], TsERC[i22|], TsERC[i2|], TsERC[i2|], TsERC[i5|], 
TsERC[i2|]]Exception in thread "ECJ Evaluation Thread 0 (0)" 
[TsERC[i19|], TsERC[i5|], TsERC[i13|], TsERC[i22|], TsERC[i15|], TsERC[i8|], 
TsERC[i19|], TsERC[i9|]]
Exception in thread "ECJ Evaluation Thread 1 (1)" java.lang.Error: Unresolved 
compilation problem: 
	Type mismatch: cannot convert from Object to int

-- ray

>I see: you need an iterator.
>I just did a commit with some changes to GPNode and GPNodeGatherer which 
adds and iterator function and rearranges some things.  Hope I didn't break 
anything.  I believe it works properly, try it out on SVN.