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Summer Programs

Philippines: Human Trafficking, Environmental Issues, Grassroots Peacebuilding<>

Mabuhay! Known as the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines<> has 7,107 islands and nearly 90 languages and dialects. This summer study abroad program will offer students direct contact with world issues like poverty and environmental change by granting them unique access to Filipino life and culture.

International Summer School in South Africa<>

Students can earn Government credit in Port Elizabeth, South Africa<> this summer studying at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Course offerings in Human Rights, Conflict Management and Transformation, and Community Service Learning offer an interdisciplinary study of South Africa’s unique and turbulent history and its current development issues. This 6-credit summer school<> opportunity also includes field studies and site visits to compliment classroom learning, and students will gain all the benefits of an immersion program studying and living in the colonial yet contemporary city that is Port Elizabeth.

Monuments of Glory: Architecture of Power in Ancient Greece and Rome<>

Still need GOVT 490 to graduate? Why not satisfy the requirements by investigating the political stakes of mourning, memorials, and memory in Greece and Rome<>. Start in Greece with the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Arch, the Parthenon. Contemporary topics like the fight over the ‘sacred ground’ of the 9/11 memorial, will be incorporated to provide a view over time of the different ways that republics and empires have attempted to memorialize and mourn public death. How do these monuments demonstrate the political stakes and the importance of public responses to death and mourning? You will be encourage to think about the connections between politics, culture, and mourning, in a manner that makes use of multi-disciplinary materials from economics, humanities, literature, and film.

Participants earn 6 credits chosen from: GOVT 490 – Synthesis Seminar, GOVT 398 – Study Abroad, and credits from HIST, HNRS, CLAS, PHIL, ARTH, or ANT.Program led by Dr. Char Miller.

World War I in Europe<>

World War I dramatically changed the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. The war’s magnitude of material destruction, staggering loss of lives and the coercive civilian enlistment efforts by governments, together with the combatant nations’ use of censorship, military mobilization, rationing and propaganda were unprecedented. Students will retrace the path of the Great War starting in Vienna, Austria and ending in Paris, France during this four week long course. They will also visit over 25 historical sites and museums and 4 of the Western Front battlefields<>.

History and art history credits available*:

  *   HIST 398 (Historical Study Abroad)
  *   HIST 598 (Historical Study Abroad)
  *   ARTH 398 (Study abroad in the History of Art)
  *   ARTH 599 (Special Topics)

Other credits available*: GERM 480, ECON 492, GLOA 480, GOVT 398, and GOVT 540

*all credits are pending approval

PR in Vienna and Munich<>

Explore the field of Public Relations in Vienna and Munich with a month long 6-credit course! This program begins in Vienna, Austria and moves to Munich, Germany for the final 2 weeks. Students will be taught seminar style and touch on topics such as intercultural communication, global public relations and public relations in Austria and Germany.

International Internships


Curitiba Summer Internships<>

Study abroad this summer for over two full months in beautiful Curitiba, Brazil where you will gain global and professional experience interning for a Brazilian company or organization. Participants spend the first week becoming oriented to Curitiba and taking an intensive course in Portuguese language and Business Culture in Brazil. During the following weeks, students will gain valuable internship experience in while Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup. Curitiba is a host city for the 2014 World Cup.

Singapore Summer Internships<>

Singapore is a dynamic gateway to Asia and one of the world's most globalized cities. Its growing economy offers a wide range of internship opportunities in a setting that combines an ultramodern skyline with rich cultures of its past.

Rabat Summer Internships<>

The Center for Global Education offers students of all majors the unique opportunity to participate in a professional academic internship in and around Rabat, Morocco. Students are placed in unpaid internships in and around Rabat, Morocco for academic credit. All participants earn 6 credits from George Mason University and are guaranteed an internship placement. Full-time work at various NGO's in and around Rabat.

Buenos Aires Summer or Semester Interships<>

Intern abroad in Buenos Aires this summer! Gain valuable international work experience in your academic field while exploring the diverse and historic Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. You can earn six George Mason University credits while interning abroad. Students will live in an Argentine homestay and work during the week in a Spanish-speaking environment, providing a culturally and linguistically immersive experience. All majors are eligible to apply!

Shanghai Summer Internships<>

The Center for Global Education offers students of all majors the unique opportunity to participate in a professional academic internship in Shanghai, China. Students are placed in unpaid professional internships for academic credit based on their course work, skills, and professional interests. All participants earn 6 credits from GMU and are guaranteed an internship placement.

Israel and Palestine<>

This intensive 9-week program<> begins with a seminar in Jerusalem where leading Israeli and Palestinian experts, representatives of various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), peace activists, and private sector and government officials will address the group and share their perspectives on the dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

London Fall 2014<>

This program<> is offered every fall to students of all majors, international students, and students who attend universities other than George Mason University.

The Center for Global Education, in partnership with Anglo Educational Services<>, offers students the unique opportunity to participate in a professional academic internship in London. Students are placed in unpaid professional internships for academic credit, based on their course work, skills and personal interests.

Budapest Spring 2015<>

Spend your Spring semester on the banks of the Danube<> river in beautiful and historic Budapest, Hungary. Participants earn 15 credits over the semester while interning 3 days per week and taking classes two days per week.

This program merges the academic, cultural and social experiences of a semester abroad in Europe with the practical experiential-learning of an internship. Students participating on this program can expect to return with a semester of European travel memories and a professional internship experience as an enhancement to their resumes before graduation.


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