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Honors Credit Abroad


Char MillerMonuments of Glory: Architecture of Power in Ancient Greece and Rome

A great way to satisfy your HNRS 240 requirement is through investigating the political stakes of mourning, memorials, and memory in Greece and Rome. Start in Greece with the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Arch, the Parthenon, end with two weeks of the momunments of classic Rome. Contemporary topics, like the fight over the ‘sacred ground’ of the 9/11 memorial, will be incorporated to provide a view over time of the different ways that republics and empires have attempted to memorialize and mourn public death. and how these monuments demonstrate the political stakes and the importance of public responses to death and mourning. You will be encourage to think about the connections between politics, culture, and mourning, in a manner that makes use of multi-disciplinary materials from economics, humanities, literature, and film.

Participants earn 6 credits chosen from: HNRS 240 – Reading the Past and credits from GOVT, HIST, ARTH. Program led by Dr. Char Miller.

Florence Semester

Florence Semester

The perfect introduction to Italian art, culture, history and language, this spring semester study abroad program in Florence is sure to please.

Led by George Mason University Professor Cathy Wright , this study abroad program is open to any undergraduate student who has earned 45 semester credit hours (sophomore, junior or senior standing) by January 2015, including non-Mason undergraduate students.

Vienna and Munich

PR in Munich and Vienna

This program begins in Vienna, Austria and moves to Munich, Germany for the final 2 weeks. Students will be taught seminar style and touch on topics such as intercultural communication, global public relations and 
public relations in Austria and Germany. They will interact with their international peers and visit renown PR agencies in Munich and Vienna.

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