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>Did I tell you the one about how I reported to Sun, back in 2002 I think, that 
ArrayList's get(), set(), and add() methods were not inlinable, and this could be 
fixed by moving a single line in the code?  As a result for ten years ArrayList 
has been 5x slower than it needed to be.  They never fixed this: it's still 
broken.  But the Hotspot crew has special-cased it internally to compensate.
>We have collections here and there as necessary.  But yeah, ECJ tends to 
work with arrays.

Nope. Yeah, I know what that's like. Shortly after DOS Microsoft took control 
of all hardware and software vectors. Fair enough in a sense, but they provided 
no mechanism for high speed access. At first they wouldn't even give us a 
hook. It messed up our nicely performing frame animation code. By the time 
they provided high performance hooks I wasn't developing software animation 
any more.

-- ray