Thanks Xiaomeng.

I had everything except using Evolve for the class in the run configuration. For 
some reason I thought I needed the tutorial1 file in there. 
Obviously the parameter file must handle this linkage.

For any others needing to know this is how I did it...

1. Create a new project called ecj,
 - select Use project folder as root for sources and class files
 - click Finish
2. Right click on the ecj folder and select Import...
 - click on the File System folder and click Next
 - Browse for the ec folder from the downloaded archive,
     mine was 
       C:\ecj\ec  <-- you want the files from the ec folder
 - click on the check box beside the ec folder to select all the files
 - click on the Create top-level folder check box and click Finish
     open the ecj project and you'll see all subfolders have ec. referencing
3. To set up the run configuration (tutorial1 given)
 - click on Run (main menu) Run Configurations...
 - under Java Application click on the New button
 - type in a Name, 
 - for the Main class: type 
 - click on the Arguments tab
 - in the Program arguments box type in,
     -file ec/app/tutorial1/tutorial1.params
 - click Apply
4. To try out tutorial1 click on Run
 - you'll get an error message if Eclipse is set up that way
 - look in your console window for output

-- ray