Thank you for answering so fast!

Sean, I appreciate that you send me the code, I tested it and it works as I wanted, thanks! And yes, I knew that I wasn't specifying any info to MASON by only storing it. You are right when you pointed that I missunderstood the purpose of the SimplePortrayals, I thought they could represent also "areas" and not just "point objects". Having that in mind I know better how to use them. Thanks!

Russell thanks for the clarification too!

2014-01-28 Russell Thomas <[log in to unmask]>
Just to clarify for Javier and others:  you place the agent somewhere in
your grid or space, and then use the "draw" method, below, to render the
shape relative to the agent's location, measured in pixels.  So if your 2D
grid is 10 X 10, and the display is 100px X 100px, then every cell in the
grid is 10px X 10px.  You'd draw your shape (i.e. the rectangle) relative to
the drawing origin of the cell (which is upper left corner, as I recall),
with positive x to the right and positive y downward.

Also important: this method allows you to draw any arbitrary shape of any
size, not just something that fits in the cell that an agent would normally
occupy with SimplePortrayal.


On 1/28/14 9:17 AM, "Sean Luke" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Javier, the fact that you're storing a java.awt.Rectangle in your field is
> immaterial to MASON.  You could have stored a String there, or a Socket, for
> all MASON cared.  In Continuous2D, simple portrayals like RectanglePortrayal2D
> simply represent the objects they're portraying by (typically) drawing some
> kind of shape which fills a 1x1 square region centered at the object's
> location.  That's why you're seeing a square: because that's what you told
> MASON to do.
> If you want to draw a rectangle of some sort, you'll need to customize
> RectanglePortrayal2D to draw a rectangle as appropriate.  Let's say you want
> to use your Rectangle object's width and height (you'll ignore its x and y
> since you already have a specified location for it).  You could override the
> draw method to do something like this:
>     public void draw(Object object, Graphics2D graphics, DrawInfo2D info)
>         {
> Rectangle obj = (Rectangle)object;     // I added this line
>         Rectangle2D.Double draw = info.draw;
>         final double width = draw.width*scale * obj.width;  // I modified this
> line
>         final double height = draw.height*scale * obj.height;  // I modified
> this line
>         graphics.setPaint(paint);
>         if (info.precise)
>             {
>             if (preciseRectangle == null) preciseRectangle= new
> Rectangle2D.Double();
>             preciseRectangle.setFrame(info.draw.x - width/2.0, info.draw.y -
> height/2.0, width, height);
>             if (filled) graphics.fill(preciseRectangle);
>             else graphics.draw(preciseRectangle);
>             return;
>             }
>         final int x = (int)(draw.x - width / 2.0);
>         final int y = (int)(draw.y - height / 2.0);
>         final int w = (int)(width);
>         final int h = (int)(height);
>         if (filled) graphics.fillRect(x,y,w,h);
>         else graphics.drawRect(x,y,w,h);
>         }
> You can do a similar thing for the hit testing function as well.
> Given that you're trying to specify rectangles and draw them, I think you may
> be misunderstanding the purpose of MASON's SimplePortrayal facility.  The
> default simple portrayals are really designed for small squarish or point
> objects; if you want something else you have to make your own custom
> portrayal.
> Sean
> On Jan 28, 2014, at 11:38 AM, Kuu <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I have the following problem. I'm painting a Continuous2D world (this is the
>> field that I paint) and I have a region in this world that I want to draw in
>> another color, as well as use it as a special zone for my agents.
>> I have the information of this region stored in a class that I defined,
>> called "Rectangle" (as the shape is a rectangle, so original name :-) ). With
>> the position and the size. Then, what I'm trying to do is to paint the zone
>> as follows:
>> In the start() method of my SimState I've done:
>> world.setObjectLocation(AREA, new Double2D(AREA.getX(), AREA.getY()));
>> While in setupPortrayals() in the GUIState class I've done:
>> entityPortrayal.setPortrayalForClass(Rectangle.class, new
>> RectanglePortrayal2D() {
>>             @Override
>>             public void draw(Object object, Graphics2D graphics, DrawInfo2D
>> info) {
>>                 paint = new Color(0f, 0f, 0f, 0.3f);
>>                 super.draw(object, graphics, info);
>>             }
>>         });
>> With this line I'm drawing a semi-transparent black rectangle, which center
>> is located in the position that I gave. However, it is drawn as a square (and
>> a big one by the way).
>> The point is that I don't know how to specify the shape and size of this
>> rectangle so it is drawn properly. I've been trying to look into the MASON
>> examples but I don't get it...
>> I'm also wondering how the "getNeighbors" would work if I want to know if my
>> agent is in the zone (actually I don't need to access to this information
>> this way as the rectangle is fixed to the same position and I can do the
>> calculus about the zone manually).
>> Thanks in advance for the help!
>> Regards,
>> Javier