Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it looks like toURL(), a File method, has been deprecated and when you use toURI().toURL() you end up with the same problem. I did find a solution that works, but I have to do a string replace. I’m just worried about what this will do to my colleague using Mac or Linux:


URL roadsFile = new URL(Gridlock.class.getResource("data/roads.shp").toString().replace("%20",  " "));


One more question. In both 1.5 and 1.4.1 demo zips there is a missing data file. I can’t run the gridlock demo without roads_points_place.csv. Was that an intentional omission?






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I hope it’s okay to ask geomason questions here.


Yep.  Though sometimes it might take a while to get an answer.  Luckily I happened to be checking my email just now.  ;)



The geomason ShapeFileImporter read method requires a URL. However, my Windows computer converts spaces in URLs - really the file path - to “%20” which then causes a FileNotFoundException when I try to run code. I can fix this by doing a string substitution, but I was wonder what the right way/long term solution is for this problem.




File file = new File(url.toURI());


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