Since STAT 501, 502, and 503 courses are only 5 weeks long, they have different add/drop dates.  I have listed them here just for your information.  (I realize they do not correspond well with the actual dates of the courses, but these add/drop dates are set by the Registrar's Office and are not under my control to change.) 


STAT 501 Course Dates:(1/21-2/23) Last Day to Add: 1/20 Last Day to Drop: 2/4
STAT 502 Course Dates:(2/24-4/6)  Last Day to Add: 2/17 Last Day to Drop: 2/24
STAT 503 Course Dates:(4/7-5/11)  Last Day to Add: 3/25 Last Day to Drop: 4/1 


Dr. Davis