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The Academic Experience at Oxford University

You have been identified as a student who meets the high academic standards to study abroad through the Center for Global Education at Oxford University. This is your invitation to apply!

Oxford University colleges Keble College, Mansfield College, and St. Edmunds Hall, in partnership with George Mason University's Center for Global Education, offer a unique opportunity to spend a year as an undergraduate alongside Oxford students while continuing to fulfill the requirements of your major.

The academic structure at Oxford, the tutorial, provides an excellent opportunity to develop your research and analytical skills in preparation for life … or graduate school. Focus in depth on your academic area of interest.

While you have some time this break, review the program. Each one of these university colleges offers a distinct curriculum to Mason students. Find out which one fits your needs.

The Center for Global Education will open again on January 2. I will be available at that time to answer any questions you might have.

Applications are due February 7, 2014.

Happy Holidays.
Marie alice Arnold, General Manager, Center for Global Education

PS. If you don't think you can spend a year abroad look into the semester long Oxford Honors Program.