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Please find scholarship opportunities from APPA in the forwarded message below.


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Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 11:25 AM
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Subject: Scholarships Available to Students Interested in an Energy Career!

It is my pleasure to inform you that the American Public Power Association (APPA) awards several types of scholarships each year to university students as part of its Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments (DEED) Program.  APPA is the service organization for the nation’s community-owned electric utilities.  DEED is APPA’s research program that funds innovative, energy related research.


Please assist us in notifying your students about our upcoming scholarship opportunities by posting copies of our student flyer in prominent locations at your university, sending the flyer out on appropriate university list servers, and providing copies of the notice to your university’s student financial aid office. The web-based scholarship applications open on December 1, 2013 and  close on February 15, 2014. Below is a brief synopsis of the scholarships we offer.  If you know of others who should be made aware of our scholarship opportunities please let us know at [log in to unmask]


$4,000 Student Research Grants/Internships

A target of ten, $4,000 student research grants/internships are awarded each year to undergraduate/graduate university students to conduct research on an energy-related project or work as an intern in conjunction with a DEED member electric utility who will mentor the student. Up to an additional $1,000 in travel funds are included to attend an applicable industry conference. A mid-project report, final report, and abstract are required. Annual Application Deadlines: February 15/October 15


$2,000 Educational Scholarships
A target of ten educational scholarships are awarded to high school seniors, high school graduates, and college undergraduates interested in a technical career in the electric utility industry. These scholarships support students pursuing majors that are in short supply and high demand by public power utilities. The student’s application must be sponsored by a DEED member who will act as a mentor to the student.

Annual Application Deadline: February 15/October 15


For more information on applying connect to DEED’s scholarship information at or contact DEED program staff at 202-467-2942 or [log in to unmask].



Michelle Zaccagnino

DEED & Engineering Services Assistant


American Public Power Association

1875 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 1200, Washington D.C. 20009-5715


P:  202. 467. 2942

F:  202. 495. 7481

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