On Nov 7, 2013, at 3:38 AM, Norman Langner wrote:

> - if I run my mason model in parrallel without a gui, it leads to states where some agents where in a live- or deadlock (I hadn't the time to find out exactly what happened there). When I run the same simulations in a loop (sequential) then those live-/deadlock didn't occur.

This sounds like very much you're incorrectly using the random number generator in your GUI code.  Note that the GUIState has its own separate random number generator.  Any chance this might be tickling things?

> - I tried to capture a video (10fps) of my simulation (one run needs about 2 1/2 hours) with the build in tool but the video output wasn't properly saved. There was a tmp-output file but it seemed that this wasn't written back into the original file I chosed in the capture-dialog. 

MASON's video output tool is actually pretty stable -- it's used by Netlogo as well.  But 10fps 2 1/2 hours is an ENORMOUS file.  I wonder if you're breaking something internally there.