Dear List,

I have added this lines:

public class Foo extends SimState {
   // lines added
    private boolean onlyVideo = true;
     * @return the onlyVideo
    public boolean isOnlyVideo() {
        return onlyVideo;
 public void setOnlyVideo(boolean onlyVideo) {
        this.onlyVideo = onlyVideo;
    // end lines added
    // other stuff...

I thought that it would be sufficient to see the "onlyVideo" parameter
in the GUI, but when I run my FooWIthUI class I cannot see the
parameter in the GUI...
Is there something I am missing?

all the best,

Simone Gabbriellini, PhD

Post-doctoral Researcher
ANR founded research project "DIFFCERAM"
GEMASS, CNRS & Paris-Sorbonne.

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