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UPDATE: Great Cities Program Now Offers 3 Credits in ECON492!


This study abroad program will be led again by Dr. Yehuda Lukacs and will take students from Berlin to Budapest, Sarajevo, and Belgrade.

Join this amazing program and earn 3 credits in ECON 492!

2011 group shot in Berlin

2013 Group in front of the German Reichstag (view gallery)

Participants will have the opportunity to examine political, economic, social, and cultural developments in post-communist, East-Central Europe. By visiting four countries - Germany, Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – students will be able to observe the tremendous transformation of East-Central Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. History in this region is not merely confined to dusty books in libraries; the burden of history seems to resonate in the lives of individuals and plays a key role in the formation of a collective identity within each society in the region. By walking the streets of these magnificent European cities, visiting relevant sites, and talking to locals, participating students should be able to develop an appreciation of what is meant by “the burden of history” in East-Central Europe.

This program offers 3 credits in the following disciplines:

Undergraduate Graduate
  • GOVT 398
  • HIST 398
  • CONF 385
  • NCLC 399
  • GLOA 480
  • HNRS 240
  • ECON 492 (NEW)
  • HIST 598
  • CONF 695
  • PUAD 739

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