Hi All,

First I'd like to thank Sean for the MASON code and the well written and easy to read manual!

I'm thinking in using MASON to simulate a maritime scenario,
with some agents representing ships, in order to investigate its behaviours and moving patterns.

As I am already modeling the ships and the environment in an OWL ontology to get some inferences,
I was wondering if someone has already tried to instantiate OWL models as properties of the Agent, the Field and the SimState class.
The advantage of storing the information semantically, instead of storing it on string or int properties, would be the higher expressiveness.

I intend to try to use the Jena library to read and write those model objects…

I think using OWL in the simulation can increase the computational cost of the simulation, but maybe it's worth if the OWL models are small and they can allow  interesting inferences.