On Sep 1, 2013, at 9:05 PM, Garry Greenwood wrote:

> I need to know how to incorporate multiple behaviors into the step method. The 
> "howto.html" website talks about TUTORIAL 5 that shows an example of how to 
> It's do this, but I can't find TUTORIAL 5 anywhere to look at the code.

Tutorial 5 is in sim/app/tutorial5

> By the way, the method talked about on the howto.html site for getting multiple 
> behaviors gave me nothing but multiple errors.

What kinds of errors are you talking about?  I just reviewed the code and it looks fine.  Also the current version of the manual (on SVN, not on the website) has similar discussion about multiple behaviors.

It's pretty straightforward: either use anonymous Steppables, which are easy, or use sim.engine.MethodStep.