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Subject: FW: PROV 601: Call for Applications

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Dear Colleagues:

We are excited to announce that the Call for Applications for the PROV 601 seminar, Thriving in your graduate program: Fostering graduate student success, is now open.

As you probably remember, the PROV 601 seminar was designed for beginning (1st and 2nd year) doctoral and MFA students to explore the many facets of graduate school with an eye toward facilitating their success here at Mason.

The seven seminar sessions encourage students to begin thinking about where they want to be after completing their degree program, and how to position themselves to get there. Topics include the essential role of networking in career building, the importance of building one’s teaching credentials alongside one’s scholarly reputation, and learning to set short-, medium-, and long-term goals with clear timelines for achieving them.

Students who completed the inaugural PROV 601 seminar last spring had this to say about the program:

~ “I have developed a timeline of what I need to do now to make myself a competitive applicant for a faculty position.” -- Spring 2013 participant

~ “I have started to advocate for teaching opportunities towards the end of the program. I also know exactly when I need to meet goals in order to graduate in a timely manner and I am preparing accordingly. I have used the recommendation of designated writing time to good effect as well, and have been busily developing additional networking skills and media.” -- Spring 2013 participant

Please see the attached Call for Applications for additional information about the program. Admission to the spring 2014 seminar is competitive and requires an application.

All best,

Cody Edwards                                                            Kim Eby
Associate Provost for Graduate Education            Associate Provost for Faculty Development