Paul Dickson, one of the Washington area’s most prolific writers of non-fiction, will appear  at the Sully Historic Site September 22 to discuss one of his latest books – one that deals with words created by U.S. presidents.   He will also describe his work style that produces several books year.


The book featured on the 22nd is Words From the White House.  It will be available to purchase and be autographed by the author.  The book is  one of approximately 60 that Dickson has written in a career that began in the 1970s.  He will tell how Theodore Roosevelt concocted “loose cannon,” “frazzle,” “rat pack” and “lunatic fringe.”


Practically all presidents have made contributions to the English language.  Dickson’s favorite is George W. Bush’s invention of “misunderestimate.”


In addition to books about words and language, such as slang and words internal to a single family, Dickson has written extensively about history and baseball.  Baseball books include Bill Veeck, Baseball’s Greatest Maverick, which has won every major award given in the sports book category.  Dickson’s books on history have covered Sputnik, the Bonus Army, and the civil rights struggle.  He is presently working on a book about golf.


Dickson’s talk will begin at 4 PM in Sully’s 1794 mansion house.  The site is adjacent to Dulles Airport across Rt. 28 from the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum.   From the parking lot follow the clam shell path to the main house.  There is no charge for attendance.  Address:  3650 Historic Sully Way, Chantilly VA  20152   If you have questions  about the presentation call Bill Hickman at 703-860-8211.  OR for directions or information about Sully Historic Site call 703-437-1794



Kiersten Conley

Historian and Scout/Volunteer Coordinator

Sully Historic Site

3650 Historic Sully Way

Chantilly, Virginia  20151