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South African Adventure this Winter Break

Dear Students,

I am emailing you because you have either had a class with, or you were hoping to attend a study abroad program with, Dr. Benedict Carton.  The Center for Global Education (CGE) is very pleased to announce that Dr. Carton will be leading a study abroad program this winter break to South Africa, entitled “Community Building in Historic Zululand.” 

Enjoy two weeks in South Africa this winter (their summer!) exploring the culture, politics, nature and beauty of the KwaZulu-Natal region.  Students will participate in local education and public health initiatives, as well as encounter Africa's "Big Five" animals in a safari-style experience. 

For more information about the South Africa program, please visit the CGE South Africa website or email me for more information. 

I hope you will join this South African adventure!

Erin Keeler