Hi Luis,

thank you for your reply. I guess getCoveredObjects returns only objects 
which are completly covered. getCoveringObjects aren't necessarily 
completly covered by the object. But back to my problem. You showed me 
the route to find my problem. My method for creating the tiles was 
wrong. I forgot to reset the yTile variable after being completly 
through the for-loop. The map which was created through these tiles was 
like (1, y*x) and not (x,y) so now it is clear why every spatial method 
didn't deliver the expected results...

Am 29.07.2013 19:57, schrieb Luís de Sousa:
> Another thing: all spatial objects I use/create are contained by a 
> GeomVectorField.
Can you tell me the reason for it? Is it necessary? Leads it to any