On Jul 16, 2013, at 7:15 PM, André Pinz Borges wrote:

> I would like to disable the console messages that ECJ prints when running, more precisally this message. How can I do this??

There's no way to do it via parameters at this time: we always just redirected to /dev/null.  But you can get rid of all output to stderr and stdout, including the messages below, by changing the buildOutput() function in ec.Evolve to:

    public static Output buildOutput()
        Output output;
        output = new Output(true);

	// here we muzzle the stdout and sterr -- Sean
	output.getLog(0).muzzle = true;
	output.getLog(1).muzzle = true;
        return output;

We oughta do a parameterizable version of that.