VSE Faculty:

The attached document describes the LMI Academic Partnerships Program.  
The FY2014 research topic areas are:

  * Item serialization business case
  * Building cyber response teams
  * Renewable energy cyber security
  * Airport surface gridlock
  * Scheduling algorithms for service organizations
  * Quantitative methods for emergency management
  * Geospatial healthcare models
  * Live data agent based models
  * Machine learning in agent based models
  * Visualization of high-dimensional data

The university can only submit 3 proposals to this program.  If more 
than 3 people wish to submit, then OSP will review proposals and make a 
selection.  If you have questions about this process, please contact 
Peter Barcher ([log in to unmask]).

Proposals are due on July 15.  Proposals are limited to 3 pages. For 
additional details, see the attachment.

Stephen Nash

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*To:* Lance Sherry; Eileen B Gallagher; Kevin Brooks
*Cc:* WILKERSON, Taylor; Cheman, Kristen M.
*Subject:* RFP JW053013D: LMI APP 2014 University Proposal Solicitation

To All,

Please see the attached solicitation for LMI's 2014 Academic 
Partnerships Program.  LMI seeks to conduct sponsored research with 
university partners that supports LMI's mission of providing independent 
analysis and practical solutions to the challenges facing government 
managers.  The specifics are outlined in the attached document.  
Proposal(s) are due no later than C.O.B Monday, July 15, 2013.

Questions regarding the submission or review process should be directed 
to Taylor Wilkerson, Program Manager, LMI Research Institute, at (703) 
917-7438 or [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>.


J**ulie A. Wagoner****
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This Proposal Solicitation and any proposal submitted in response do not 
authorize universities submitting proposals to proceed with any work 
without written authorization from LMI's Program Manager.  Universities 
shall not construe this Solicitation or any response submitted as a 
commitment from LMI to pay any costs incurred in connection with 
preparing a proposal.


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