As I use gradle for my builds and as I would like to bundle my framework 

(a combination of MASON and other ingredients) I would love to have the 

current Mason release in the Maven central repository.

Someone once added version 14:

But this is allready pretty old.

I could add the current version via - but I wouldn't do if 

there is already an account someone knows of that has been used for 

release 14.

Concerning the dependencies: They look as follows to me (in gradle 


     compile files('lib/mason-17.jar', 'lib/portfolio.jar')

     compile 'jfree:jfreechart:1.0.13'

     compile 'jfree:jcommon:1.0.16'

     compile 'com.lowagie:itext:1.2.3'

     compile ''

Is this correct?

The only open dependency here is the "portfolio.jar" - as far as I 

understand this is the jar described here:

One would have to publish that one along with Mason.