The National Defense University is researching the "National Hotel Disease," an 1857 disease outbreak that
occurred in Washington, D.C. Victims included President-elect Buchanan, more than 20 members of Congress, and a host of other notables. The outbreak, apparently limited to people who were at the National Hotel in Washington,
D.C., was ascribed by some to arsenic poisoning, possibly intentional. They have found a collection of letters in the National Library of Medicine associated with an investigation into the outbreak by the Washington City and its Board
of Health, and need someone who can transcribe those documents, all handwritten and all dating from 1857. There are about 120 pages of letters to transcribe, roughly 30 pages that already have been transcribed but need
review and correction, plus some marginalia in a collection of newspaper articles. It is possible that there may be some follow-on work as the researchers review material in some other document collections.


The institute will be able to provide digital copies of the documents so that you may do the work at your home or at GMU.  The documents are somewhat difficult to read; please see the attached document to determine whether this is something you are able to do.  The salary will be $15/hour.  The number of hours depends on how long it takes you to complete the task.  If you are interested, please contact the person below.

W. Seth Carus, PhD
WMD Center
National Defense University
Abraham Lincoln Hall, Room 2421
260  5th Ave., Building 64
Fort McNair DC 20319-5066 
(v) 202-685-2242
(f) 202-685-2264
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