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Below please find the message from Dr. Pachowicz regarding some available thesis and research project topics.


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I have several topics available that qualify for a Thesis (ECE 799) or Research Project (ECE 798). All of them are practical projects in the area of robotics and mechatronics (+ embedded systems). They involve hardware design, implementation, programming and testing. Mechanical elements of these projects will be built by me. High priority projects include:
1. “Highly Accurate ECE Clock” (Thesis only):
This project follows an undergraduate senior design project. The goal is to build an electronically controlled pendulum clock of extremely high accuracy. The clock will have second, minute and hour wheels. Electronics/MCU will need to adjust frequency and amplitude of pendulum swing through a solenoid induced energy transfer. It will be synchronized periodically via an atomic clock signal and will need to report its performance to a web site. It can be advanced further, for example, it can sense and pro-actively compensate for mechanical imperfections over a 24h cycle. When finished, this clock will be placed in the Eng Bldg.
2. “Low-Cost 3D Sensor for Robotics”:
The goal is to combine stereo-vision and multiple laser pointers for reconstruction of 3D structure in close proximity from a robot arm. This device should be as small as possible and work outdoor.
3. “Spider Robot Simulator”:
The goal is to build a Matlab simulator of a 16DOF four-limb spider robot. Robot physical structure is currently under development and conclusions from a simulator will be extremely useful.
If you are interested in such projects or any other in these areas please contact me by email. 
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Peter W. Pachowicz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
George Mason University
4400 University Dr. Fairfax, VA 22032

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