Sorry for the late response. My work started late this week, because of holidays. 

So here is a sample code of my problem. I have a GPNode called Faktum that has a overridden setup method which looks like this:

public void setup(final EvolutionState state, final Parameter base) {
	super.setup(state, base);

also the setMethod:

public void setMethod(int i) {
	types = new ArrayList<Type>();
	method = c.getDeclaredMethods()[i];
	for (Type t : method.getGenericParameterTypes()) {

c is a global object:

public Class c = rulevolution.FactChecker.class;

My problem is, that a tree always looks like this...

Tree 0:
 (when (ADF0 (eval isInIndex) (eval isInIndex)) (ADF0 (eval isInIndex) (eval isInIndex)) (ADF0 (eval isInIndex) (eval isInIndex)) (ADF0 (eval isInIndex) (eval isInIndex)))

or like this...

Tree 0:
 (when (ADF0 contains contains) (ADF0 contains contains) (ADF0 contains (eval isInIndex)) (ADF0 contains contains))

or like this...

Tree 0:
 (when (ADF0 contains contains) (ADF0 contains contains) (ADF0 contains contains) (ADF0 contains contains))

and so on. 
But what I would want is something more mixed :

Tree 0:
 (when (ADF0 contains eval) (ADF0 isInIndex eval) (ADF0 contains isInIndex) (ADF0 eval eval)) //just a self made sample

I'm using the state.random.nextInt function in a range of the amount of declared methods in my FaktChecker.class which is about 25 or 30. But I'm getting only 1 or 2 different 
methods which is not what I wanted. Where do I have to set the state.random.nextInt to get a random function each time a GPNode is created? I thought it would be in the setup 
method, but this does not work.

Thanks for any help.



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N is the length of an array that contains all declaredmethods from an specific class. I did not count them but I think its around 25. I'm using the generated number to choose a method from the array and use it in a node, but I always get a tree full of the same methods, what should not be possible if i really always get a different number. 

I'll post some code on monday where you can see the implementation. 

Greetings from Germany 


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