Hello everyone,

how do I set a GPTypeSet as a child in another GPTypeSet?

I have the following constraints defined:

gp.type.a.size = 2 = boolean = nil

gp.type.s.size = 5 = condition
gp.type.s.0.size = 4
gp.type.s.0.member.0 = not
gp.type.s.0.member.1 = exist
gp.type.s.0.member.2 = and
gp.type.s.0.member.3 = eval = not
gp.type.s.1.size = 3
gp.type.s.1.member.0 = eval
gp.type.s.1.member.1 = exist
gp.type.s.1.member.2 = and = exist
gp.type.s.2.size = 1
gp.type.s.2.member.0 = boolean = and
gp.type.s.3.size = 1
gp.type.s.3.member.0 = condition = eval
gp.type.s.4.size = 1
gp.type.s.4.member.0 = boolean

My atomic types are boolean and nil. Also I have 5 more or less different typesets which are needed for my rules.

But each time I get the same Error:

Threads:  breed/1 eval/1
Seed: -791252858 
Job: 0
Setting up
Processing GP Types
The GP type "not" could not be found.
Atomic type member #0 of GPSetType condition is not a GPAtomicType.
PARAMETER: gp.type.s.0.member.0

Well it explains well why it crashed, but I want to know HOW do I define a set as a child in a set. Maybe someone got a solution?