Notice and Invitation
Oral Defense of Doctoral Dissertation
The Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University 

Khuloud Odeh
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Jordan, 1994
Master of Science, Computer Science, American University, 1997

Master in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability, Blekinge Institute of Technology, 2009

Framework for Assessing Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability of ICT Organizations


Wednesday, April 24th 2013, 9:30am-11:30am
Engineering Building 3rd Floor Conference Room 3202 - ECE

All are invited to attend.

Dr. Sharon deMonsabert, Chair
Dr. Daniel A.
Dr. Edgar H. Sibley

Dr. Mark H. Houck




Key challenges that confront the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry today in defining and achieving social, environmental, and economic sustainability goals include identifying sustainable operating standards and best practices and measuring and assessing performance against those practices.  The industry lacks a framework for assessing sustainability that is consistent, reliable, and applicable to ICT organizations’ practices beyond the data center operation and purchasing of electronic products. Without an industry accepted framework, the burden of defining sustainable practices lies with each organization or company.  This has resulted in inconsistencies and a general lack of baseline information regarding sustainable practice in the sector.   To address this gap, an ICT sustainability assessment framework was developed.  The framework took a balanced approach in accounting for the environmental, economic, and social sustainability issues in ICT and recognized contributions of innovation to sustainable ICT.  The rating method was based on a weighted and aggregated set of criteria that were validated by ICT sustainability experts.   An expert focus group validated the model ratings against their professional judgment.   Practical application of the model was demonstrated for a leading North American Telecommunication company




A copy of this doctoral dissertation is on reserve at the Johnson Center Library.