Are using chat windows directly from mason really the best idea for publications? I would think they're much better off for giving demonstrations and exploring the model. If you want to graph information, wouldn't you be better off just writing the data you want to a file, and then using a "real" plotting system to make the graphs? (Like gnuplot, R with ggplot2, or matplotlib/matlab, etc)

Most likely if you're going to plot data, you want to say something about that data as well, so you'd have to write it out anyway for analysis. 

Plus, if you're doing multiple replications or running MASON without the GUI, the chart system doesn't do any good. 

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, Sean Luke wrote:
Well, there are two reasons to have a chart:

1. To view it in MASON.
2. To print it for publication.

Rescaling might have some (I think minor) advantages for #1 but it is horrible, awful, no good at all for #2.  Truly evil.  It makes it essentially impossible to create a chart of the right proportion and size so all your publication charts are consistent.  That's why I modified it.  The rescaling mechanism is also consistent with the rest of MASON's displays, though we could move the proportion thing to the sidebar.

It's possible to change the state with a checkbox or something.  What's your goal?  Do you want the chart to stretch in both dimensions to fill the window?  Or do you want it to just stretch to fill the window but maintain its proportion?


On Apr 23, 2013, at 11:23 AM, Eric 'Siggy' Scott wrote:

> Could we get resizing of charts with window-resizing reinstated?  It was in the SVN briefly back in September.
> The "Scale" and "Proportion" factors at the top are useless by comparison.
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