Hi Steve,

I'd recommend taking a quick look on Oracle's Java tutorial about Jar files, it may help you solve these kind of issues:


Also, I'd recommend using the Oracle JVM instead of GIJ, it may help avoid some compatibility issues.

You may consider a Jar file as an executable, just like an Exe or Elf file: you don't hack your software into other runnables. Instead, you use them as dependencies (like so/dll files).

So you should create a different Jar file with a MANIFEST.MF file, containing a Main-Class attribute (that refers to your model class) and a Class-Path entry (that refers to Mason and other Jars you are using).

If you have that and still get some erros like "A Java Exception has occurred", please post the exception stacktrace so we can help you with the concrete issue.

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On 2013.04.02. 1:27, Steve Kraska wrote:
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Hey Sean,

You're right about the message popping up from Windows. I did not try to run the 
jar on a java VM. 

Where should I enter the java -cp myJarFile.jar line? I tried in the jar directory on 
unix and got:

Usage: gij [OPTION] ... CLASS [ARGS] ...
          to invoke CLASS.main, or
       gij -jar [OPTION] ... JARFILE [ARGS] ...
          to execute a jar file
Try `gij --help' for more information.

Furthermore, I never created a myJarFile.jar. From what your code looked like, I 
thought I was altering the mason.16.jar file. If I need to tweak the code to 
generate my own jar file if you think that would make a difference, let me know.