I'm Norman, from Germany, new to your mailing-list and I have a problem 
with geomason. I try to run the sillypeds demo, but it won't work.
It would be nice if you could help me.

My configuration: Win7, eclipse-indigo, all needed libs in build-path, 
imported the source code from the zip-file provided by the geomason homepage

got missing data files (first.txt.gz) from 

now to my problem: Mason starts without any problems but when I hit the 
run button following exception is thrown:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
     at sim.app.geo.sillypeds.SillyPeds.start(SillyPeds.java:102)
     at sim.display.GUIState.start(GUIState.java:289)
     at sim.app.geo.sillypeds.SillyPedsWithUI.start(SillyPedsWithUI.java:98)
     at sim.display.Console.startSimulation(Console.java:1432)
     at sim.display.Console.pressPlay(Console.java:2271)
     at sim.display.Console$1.actionPerformed(Console.java:285)

Debugging lead to the fact that

Space floor = setupLandscapeSpace("data/first.txt.gz");

in SillyPeds.java (line 67) is still null.
The file is in the right directory -> any change (extracting the file, 
moving to src-directory) lead to other exceptions (e.g. 
FileNotFoundException when moving the file).
The file is obviously found, so I have no clue why there is a type mismatch.

Do you have any idea?

Kind Regards,