There are no pre written post processing out of the box as it depends on
the problem (function set of GP). I will give a short background which you
may find useful for what you are doing.
 For generating automated Rules to discriminate certain patterns, i had my
GP have basic terminals and non-terminals required for the Rule. I would
collect my "exceptional" Rules as a memory pad outside of evolutionary
runs, everytime i see some well performing ones. Finally i get a Rule set
and wrote my Custom "interpreter" that can parse the GP Individuals as
s-expression to evaluate. So ECJ gives you GP and Evolution for free, you
need to write custom functions and interpreter for them.
Hope that helps

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> Hello everyone,
> is there a post-processing-step in the Genetic Programming algorithm? I've
> search through the manual,
> but did not find an explanation about this topic.
> Thank you and greetings,
> Bojan