Dear Master's students,

A reminder *For fall 2013 registration* the deadline to submit a graduate committee formation form with signatures to my office will be *April 30*. The deadline to submit a signed Thesis or Project proposal approval form with signatures will be *May 31*.

Forms are found on

FYI: To register for thesis or project credits (BIOL 799 or BIOL 798), you should be at the end of your MS course requirements. Thesis or Project registration is done in the final semesters. You will first form a committee made up of 3 faculty with your research advisor / P.I. as the Chair. At least two committee members will be from SSB; the third member can be from another dept or from SSB, as long as they are a Mason faculty member.  Talk with your faculty advisor for suggestions on who may be appropriate candidates for your thesis or project committee.  Have your committee sign the *SSB Graduate Committee Formation Form*.

Submit a proposal to them for approval ONE SEMESTER AHEAD of your planned BIOL 798 or BIOL 799 registration.  Have your committee sign the *SSB MS Proposal Approval form* and send it to me with a copy of the approved proposal for processing.  I will then be able to send you the CRN to register with.

thank you,
Diane St. Germain

Diane St. Germain
Coordinator, Graduate Academic Programs
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