*List of Announcements (details below)*

  * Preparing for Careers in the Academy (Program for Ph.D. Students)
  * NY Times: New Technologies Aim to Foil Online Course Cheating

*Preparing for Careers in the Academy (Program for Ph.D. Students)*

The purpose of this program is to help PhD students and MFA students in 
those fields in which this is the terminal degree (e.g. Visual Arts) to 
prepare for future academic careers and to strengthen their 
instructional effectiveness.It will be held during the 2013-14 academic 

Further information on the program, as well as a description of the 
application process, can be found in the two attachments to this email 
message.If there are any questions regarding these materials, please 
contact Dr. Joshua Eyler, Associate Director for the Center for Teaching 
and Faculty Excellence at 3-5743.

*NY Times: New Technologies Aim to Foil Online Course Cheating*

URL: ** 

"Millions of students worldwide have signed up in the last year for 
MOOCs, short for massive open online courses --- those free, Web-based 
classes available to one and all and taught by professors at Harvard, 
Duke, M.I.T. and other universities.

"But when those students take the final exam in calculus or genetics, 
how will their professors know that the test-takers on their distant 
laptops are doing their own work, and not asking Mr. Google for help?

"The issue of online cheating concerns many educators, particularly as 
more students take MOOCs for college credit, and not just for personal 
enrichment. Already, five classes from Coursera, a major MOOC provider, 
offer the possibility of credit, and many more are expected. ..."


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