Thank you everyone for such quick and helpful responses. So I just want to make 
sure I understand all of this correctly since it is my first real experience with jar 
files. I imagine my process of getting from my project to executable application as 

1.) As discussed in the PDF support doc, going into the proper directory in mason 
and running the unix command:   make jar 

2a.) Taking the resulting jar file and using Launch4j (since it is open source) to 
create an executable.

2b.) Making sure to add lib/* to the "Classpath" in the respective tab in the 
Launch4j GUI when making the executable.

Is this right? I'm mostly concerned about step 1 as I don't know if this is the right 
way to make a jar to be used in an executable application. If it is, in which folder 
do I run make jar? The PDF was not very clear on that.

Once again, thank you so much,
Steve Kraska