The manual has some detailed documentation.  But in short, each item is scheduled with a real-valued TIME (any positive finite value >= Schedule.EPOCH) and an integer-valued ORDERING (which can be negative, that's fine, the default is 0):

Each iteration
	Identify the minimum scheduled TIME over any scheduled item
	Extract all the items scheduled for that TIME
	Sort those items by their ORDERING (lower numbers first)
		Items with the same ORDERING are randomly shuffled
	Execute the items in the resulting order

If you want a different scheduling procedure, send me mail and I can probably get you something.


On Mar 25, 2013, at 2:20 AM, Rick Riolo wrote:

> hi,
> is there a doc that tells the set of vaalid values and what they
> mean for that objects/events being scheduled?
> thanks
> -r
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