Hello everyone,

I'm also using a clandestine version of GeoMason, with spatialIndex
and geometries as protected properties. In my code I'm using an
extension of GeomVectorField with this method:

/** Removes the MasonGeometry from the field */
    public void removeGeometry( final MasonGeometry g )
		/*Envelope e = g.getGeometry().getEnvelopeInternal();
    	spatialIndex.remove(MBR, g);

In my case this is not acceptable at all; mid term I must rely on the
official release.

Thanks for considering and regards,


On 21 March 2013 01:50, Matt L. Miller <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Mark,
> I'm going to second this request, especially since you've made the QuadTree
> private (in r846). I was relying on directly modifying the QuadTree when I
> needed to remove an object from a GeomVectorField, since no remove method
> was provided.
> I now have a temporary workaround by having an "unauthorized trunk" of
> GeoMASON where I've made the QuadTree public again (I suppose I could also
> have just added my own remove method, but wanted to keep the change
> typographically light). But I'd be much happier to use an approved remove
> method.
> Thanks!
> Matt L. Miller
> UCDavis