I have done something like this using Mason, which can help one set up
simple social network links and diagrams. 


For a simple introduction to turning social networks into diffusion models,

Valente, T. W., & Davis, R. L. (1999). Accelerating the diffusion of
innovations using opinion leaders.  The Annals of the American Academy of
the Political and Social Sciences, 566, 55-67.


Tom Valente's recent book is also recommended:

Valente TW (2010) Social Networks and Health: Models, Methods, and
Applications [Hardcover], Oxford University Press 








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Subject: Simulating spreading the influence in social network



I am looking for a tool to simulating the spread of influence and behaviors
in social network, something like viral marketing. Would you please tell me
that such a simulation is possible with using MASON? is there any sample
project that could be help me in this case?