Hi Steve,

Just a random side note: if you're using some sort of IDE, they usually 
offer a built-in wizard to create a runnable Jar file from your projcet 
(e.g., in Eclipse right-click -> Export -> Runnable Jar file -- the 
configuration can be saved as an Ant build script to do that from the 
console or by a double-click onwards). Some of them can even include the 
dependencies too (e.g., Fatjar plugin).


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On 2013.03.26. 4:12, Steve Kraska wrote:
> Thank you everyone for such quick and helpful responses. So I just want to make
> sure I understand all of this correctly since it is my first real experience with jar
> files. I imagine my process of getting from my project to executable application as
> follows:
> 1.) As discussed in the PDF support doc, going into the proper directory in mason
> and running the unix command:   make jar
> 2a.) Taking the resulting jar file and using Launch4j (since it is open source) to
> create an executable.
> 2b.) Making sure to add lib/* to the "Classpath" in the respective tab in the
> Launch4j GUI when making the executable.
> Is this right? I'm mostly concerned about step 1 as I don't know if this is the right
> way to make a jar to be used in an executable application. If it is, in which folder
> do I run make jar? The PDF was not very clear on that.
> Once again, thank you so much,
> Steve Kraska