On Thursday, April 4, Professor George E. Munro will speak on "St. Petersburg: The Most Intentional City." His talk will focus on challenges to the development of St. Petersburg during the reign of Catherine the Great and later, including the culture, architecture, economics and life of this most impressive of cities. You and your students are invited to attend.

The talk will be at 12:00-1:15 in Sandbridge 107 (Sandbridge is one of the residence halls located behind the library--the lecture hall is accessed from an outside door on the first floor, not from within the building). Munro will be speaking to my History 328 class, but there is room for another 20 plus attendees.

Dr. Munro is Professor of History at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research interests focus on social, cultural, and economic issues during the era of Catherine the Great. Dr. Munro has traveled to Russia more than ninety times since 1969, spending a total of close to five years there through rapidly changing times. He twice held long-term research fellowships in Moscow and Leningrad/St. Petersburg and has visited most of the former republics of the USSR at least once. Dr. Munro’s recent book on St. Petersburg, "The Most Intentional City," focusing on the reign of Catherine II and after, was published in fall 2008 and a paperback edition issued in summer 2012. A Russian-language edition is under preparation. An accomplished public speaker as well as scholar, Munro has been a featured study leader on Smithsonian Journeys to Russia on more than fifty different tours since 1989.


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