Hi Jiaqi,

Yes, I've done this, in the context of an Agent inspector.  It helps me
monitor approx. hundred parameters for a single agent in real-time.

For example, you can use ValueGrid2D to define cells for every datum, scaled
between 0 and 1. This way you can monitor hundreds of data in real time.
Create a Steppable that updates this ValueGrid2D every step with new values
of your data. 

I also have lots of data displayed as dynamic text and numbers.  I found a
class -- VolatileText -- to render dynamic text in ValueGrid2D and other
Grid2D displays.  If you like, I can email it to you.

Likewise, you could also create point clouds (each point is datum) using

Russ Thomas

On 2/12/13 8:35 PM, "Jiaqi Ge" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi. I have a class that is used to store a series of 2D array of double
> numbers. I 
> want to ask if i can use MASON's 2d display to show an animation of my data?
> I have read through the manual. It seems like i need a State class to be able
> to 
> do it. My question is: can my simple data structure class be used as a State
> class?
> p.s. i am an agent-based modeler, and the data is generated from the model i
> built using java. It is a 2D spatial model. I stored the model result (that is
> an 2D 
> array of double numbers) in that data structure class. Now i want to show it
> an 
> animation. I am wondering if i can use Mason tool kit to do it.
> Thank you! I really appreciate it.
> Jiaqi